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Tuesday, 22 June 2010

British 6pdr WIP (3)

I wasn't happy with how the cannon looked as I mentioned in my post yesterday and have decided to add a coat of Army Painter's 'Dark Tone'. This was in response to AD's comment on the last post, informing me the metal should be very dark (almost black). I have to admit, I went off a mixture of sources for the painting style, primarily from the way other bloggers have painted similar models or those models on the Perry site which seem to vary from a very bright silver to almost black (or silver with 'black lining').

I think it looks quite good after being 'dipped'. I used a brush to paint the dip onto the metal areas and removed any that settled on the lighter wooden areas. This was to darken the silver and add a black line around the outside of it. It will be varnished again once the model has dried (around 24 hours after application). I think it looks quite good like it is now (I couldn't bare another re-paint!) and will look even better once based and the crew have been added.

Once again, please leave your thoughts and feelings as a comment on this post as they are invaluable to the project, other gamers and myself.


jmilesr said...

I like the shading and darker color tone from the dip - nice job

Consul said...

It certainly adds more definition which is what I think the earlier model lacked.

Thanks for the comment! Much appreciated!

Lickwars Men said...

great paint job ! i would love your advise on my mini's, please take a look at the blog.


saxon dog said...

The gun is looking good...better definition as you have said!

Consul said...

Thanks! Glad you like it.