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Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Clinton's Brigade at Bunker Hill and Partizan!

Here's a quick update of what I've been working on this weekend. I've been filing and trimming and I can hardly make out my own finger prints anymore! I've tried to be as systematic as possible when it comes to this project and so am working on a single brigade at a time. Hopefully these smaller targets will make the larger one not seem so daunting! First up - Clinton's Brigade.

This is a shot of how I'd like to base the brigade commander, Clinton. This is one of the standard infantry bases. I want to mount him like this because, if you assault fixed positions in 'British Grenadier', you need your Brigadier to be attached to your unit in order to rally off 'disruption points' or else your unit will run!

This is how he will look at the end of the 2nd Marines. Seamlessly blending in at the end of the line and looking rather good wouldn't you agree? Brigadiers are meant to be based singly, but I always like to add a little drama to a base (the guy at the front of the base is almost saying "What took you so long, sir?" and Clinton is replying "Well, I'm bloody well here now aren't I. Let's just get on with it").

This photo shows Clinton's Brigade; Clinton himself on the left, then the 63rd and then the 2nd Marines. Each unit contains 20 miniatures.

I aim to paint four figures in an evening, meaning I can complete a unit in a week (allowing for basing at the weekends) but we'll see how long that lasts!

In other news, it was Partizan at Kelham Hall in Newark on Sunday (arguably one of the best wargames shows out there). I picked up a tin of the 'dark tone' Army Painter as Secundus (Iron Mitten) recommends it for highlighting the red coats of the British so I can now get underway with my ambitious project! I have also purchased some tree stumps for use on bases as scenic pieces from the very friendly people at Redoubt Enterprises.

I took my camera to the show but stupidly forgot to take any photos (there were some great games there!). I also forgot to pick up a few packs of command figures and other bits and bobs from the Perrys. D'oh! I did however meet Paul Darnell of Touching History fame who was a lovely chap and gave me lots of hints and tips for when I come to making the terrain boards for the project. I also wanted to meet Steve Jones of paintingshed as he'd sent me a very helpful email the week before, giving me step by step instructions of how he made his terrain boards. Unfortunately, Sunday lunch was waiting and I had to rush off. Sorry Steve!

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