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Friday, 20 August 2010

Partizan - 5th September, Newark

I'll putting on my first ever demo game with Paul of Touching History at next month's Partizan which takes places at Kelham Hall, Newark, on the 5th September.

The game is set in 1813 on the Spanish Peninsular, during the Napoleonic Wars. France are all but defeated in Spain and their main force is on the retreat. However, 3 companies of the 45th have been posted to the small town of Olite with orders to defend it and hold Wolf Pass, the road to the North. I am in command of the French and will be trying to resist the advance of a unit of the 95th rifles, aided by a large band of Guerillas.

The French skirmish with some pesky Guerillas on the rocky slopes of the Spanish countryside.

The photo above shows half of the terrain Paul has made for the game and it looks beautiful! I'm so excited for the game and hope I can bring some honour back to the French after a series of humiliating defeats. Viva La France!

I hope to see you there.

These pictures come from Paul's fantastic site - Touching History
For more information on the upcoming Partizan show, click to view their website - Partizan


botwt said...

Wow, that is one incredible piece of work...outstanding! :)

Mike said...

Hey buddy, what did you use for the Spanish Guerrilla models?