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Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Reinforcements have arrived!

Whilst I'm waiting on paint to dry I thought I'd do a little update. I came home to find this on the door mat and knew that my reinforcements had arrived!

Once again, VERY quick service from Perry (ordered on Monday, arrived on Wednesday) and all in very appropriate packaging. So, here's what arrived in the post:

This now completes the purchase of my British and Hessian army with the addition of some Jaegers, Musketeers and some separate command figures to make a brigadier stand for the Hessian brigade. You may also notice some American riflemen in the top left of the photo. These will form the beginnings of my American army. I'm just waiting on some paint before I can make a start on any of these but I'm got plenty to be getting on with including the British and some of the hovels models I recently received and some terrain for the battlefield.


Docsmith said...

How good is Perry's mail order service? I'm on the other side of the world and it rarely takes little more than two weeks for anything!

After dealing with some real pains in the proverbial with mail order, Perry's set the standard not just in figure quality, but service as well.


Consul said...

Doc - as you say, the Perry's mail order service is AWESOME!

I can't imagine ordering from any other supplier now. Perry have enough ranges and periods to keep my occupied!

I never even consider Foundry as an option anymore because it's just so expensive!

Thanks for following the blog - means a lot - and I hope to enjoy many more commentversations (comment conversations) in the future.