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Tuesday, 14 September 2010

South Staffordshire Regiment - uniform help needed

I'm currently painting up a few test figures for my Sudan project in the colours of the South Staffordshire regiment and wanted your opinion on their trousers.

Below are two images, both from the Perry Miniatures website which demonstrate the uniform worn by the South Staffordshire regiment during their time in the Sudan. As you can see, the trousers are two different shades of grey, a lighter and a darker, but I wondered which you preferred?

Currently, the figures I'm painting are wearing the lighter shade on the left but could just as easily be given darker trousers such as those on the right.

Please let me know your opinions by leaving a comment. Thanks!


scotty said...

The darker pants look better and would seem more realistic. A few weeks marching in the desert and they wouldn't be light grey


Ubique said...

Hi Consul,
Just to be awkward, I actually prefer the lighter grey. I always imagine clothes get 'bleached' by the sun and washing and become a lighter shade over time.


Anonymous said...

I too am planning a Sudan collection.I think its worth trying both and see which you feel gives you the best results.I haven't yet decided which uniform colour to go with or how to base them.i look forward to yoyr project.

Millsy said...

I prefer the darker grey. The belts are a light colour and the red is in the middle range. The darker grey balances it all out nicely.


legatus hedlius said...

What did you go for in the end? The grey worn in the Sudan was light grey (technically khaki)as this unit simply wore their home service jackets over the Sudan issued light grey trousers. There was no Napoleonic style seperate blue-grey for this unit. Their home service trousers would have been dark blue.

Consul said...

I went with the lighter grey!