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Sunday, 5 September 2010

The Battle of Charlotte - Partizan 5th September

I had a fantastic time putting on my first demo game at Partizan in Kelham Hall and really enjoyed my day. I've just been looking through my photos and I took quite a lot! It'll take me some time to go through them all and write a proper battle report of our Napoleonic game but that will come in the next few days, along with a few photos of some of the other games I saw whilst I was there.

Firstly, I'd like to show you some photos I took of the 'Battle of Charlotte', an American War of Independence engagement put on by Steve Jones of paintingshed (his blog is definitely worth a look!). You can read more about the scenario on his blog.

At about 9:30, half an hour before the show opened, I noticed the light pouring into the hall and beautifully dappling across the game board. I rushed over to his table and starting snapping away and got a couple of great photos! They look very realistic and it looks almost like the sun is bursting through the clouds. The main hall at Partizan is well known for being poorly lit and some of my photos of my own game didn't come out too well but these look great.

The American militia advance towards the British line whilst some sharp shooters protect the neighboring farmhouse from attack.

The morning light reveals the American position along the edge of the wheat field.

Some American militia hold off the British advance further down the line. However, the rail fence offers little protection from the British muskets!

Steve made all the terrain himself and also converted a few Hovells buildings to his own specification. As far as I know, he also painted all the figures but please correct me if I'm wrong. It was a very impressive board with some wonderfully painted miniatures on it. I'll post a few more photos of the whole board in a subsequent post.

You can find Steve's blog at - http://paintingshed.blogspot.com/


AD said...

Those pictures look terrific; thanks for sharing!

Steve said...

Hi Eddie, good to meet you yesterday. Let me know if you fancy a game of Black Powder sometime.

Will happily pinch your pictures and link back to your blog!


Matt said...

Followed the link from Touching History's site and the Napoleonic Battle report at Partizan. Very impressive stuff! Love the photos you took too. Keep up the good work.

Consul said...

AD - Thanks! Glad you like the pictures and thanks for returning to the blog to leave another comment; it's very much appreciated.

Steve - I'll certainly be in touch about a game!

Matt - Thanks again, and also thank you for following the blog! I'll have some more photos up of the Napoleonic game this evening which may interest you. Hopefully I'll have some photos of some figures I've been painting up by the end of the week.

Joel said...

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