Wargaming the English Civil War, American War of Independence and Sudanese campaigns in 28mm

Friday, 8 January 2010


This blog was created with the intention of documenting my foray into 18th Century wargaming from WAB Ancients. I intend to refight battles from the Jacobite Rebellion of 1745 and the American War of Independence in 1775 using the 'British Grenadier' rules.

My first aim is to build two opposing armies for the Bunker Hill scenario in the 'British Grenadier' rule book which should give me a good base of figures to push on with and play some of the others listed in the rule book.

The blog will be updated regularly with pictures of completed units, vignettes, battle reports and anything else modeling/wargaming related.

Please 'follow' the blog to keep up to date with what's happening and feel free to leave comments/feedback as I'm eager to know what you think.

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