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Friday, 8 January 2010

Bunker Hill Project

Seeing this post some time ago on the blog Tarleton's Quarter really inspired me to get into gaming the AWI period and helped to give me more of a focus for this project.

I bought a copy of the 'British Grenadier' rules which Giles uses (these seem to be very popular with a lot of other AWI players too) which includes a number of scenarios, one of which allows the recreation of the battle of Bunker Hill, originally fought on 17th June 1775 using a 1:20 scale.

This post will list all the figures I need to recreate the battle and I will keep coming back to it to cross off each unit as it is bought and painted.

British Forces
2nd Marines [Purchased/Painted]
28th Foot [Purchased/Painted]
43rd Foot [Purchased/Painted]
52nd Foot [Purchased/Painted]
63rd Foot [Purchased/Painted]
Light Infantry [Purchased/Painted]
Grenadiers [Purchased/Painted]
Royal Artillery 6 pdrs [Purchased/Painted]
Royal Artillery 12 pdrs [Purchased/Painted]

American Forces
1st Militia [Purchased/Painted]
2nd Militia [Purchased/Painted]
3rd Militia [Purchased/Painted]
Skirmishers [Purchased/Painted]
3 pdr gun [Purchased/Painted]
4th Militia [Purchased/Painted]
5th Militia [Purchased/Painted]
6th Militia [Purchased/Painted]

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