Wargaming the English Civil War, American War of Independence and Sudanese campaigns in 28mm

Monday, 20 June 2011

Coming up this week

Here's what you can expect to see right here on this blog over the coming week:

1. Several historical articles about the type of weaponry and tactics during the English Civil War

2. My own research into the clothing worn by both sides during the conflict including a discussion on the development of armour and other forms of protection throughout the Civil War's duration and a clearing up of several common mistakes made when painting Civil War troops.

3. Modelling and painting tips

4. And by the weekend, expect to see some pictures of my first attempts at painting pikemen in 15mm!


Ray Rousell said...

Good luck with the 15mm!!

Rodger said...

Sounds good. Looking forward to it all.

Consul said...

Thanks chaps!

Ray - 15mm certainly looks to be an exciting venture and I'm drooling at the fact I can buy so many beautifully sculpted figures for the same price as a small number of 28mm troops!

Rodger - I hope my efforts live up to expectation. I'll post a couple of things up today and the rest will come at the weekend as I have to go and visit my Grandparents for a few days tomorrow (and of course there will be no internet!)